Note From Dinar Recaps 9-4-15

Note From Dinar Recaps: We have once again been receiving emails that we post too much from certain intel- providers and not enough from others. We just recap the news, rumors, and opinions from all over Dinarland. If some groups or Intel providers are posting more that day- we post more of them, and obviously if others are being silent- we are not posting them It’s an ebb and flow like the tide…..Some days there is lots of news and some days it’s really quiet. With tens o […]

My Ladies, Memphis and Friends Late Thursday Night: “It’s a Teeter-Totter Event”

Thanks My Ladies for letting us share from your private chatroom PrincessDD:  ML when you say that the ban is coming off are you referring to the sanctions? MY LADIES:  NO NO  NO NO PRINCESS REMEMBER THE CBI POSTING…. WE SAW WHERE THE TREASURY DEPARTMENT SAID THERE WAS 1 EXCHANGER AND 1 BANK BELONGING TO IRAN THAT WERE NOT ALLOWED TO TRANSACT IN USD…REMEMBER?? WELL THEY BOTH CAME INTO COMPLIANCE NOW. PrincessDD:  Wow another step forward. Joey:  Moving so fast.MY LAD […]

KTFA Members To Iraq: “Do It and Do It Now!”

KTFA: BigTex:   I believe our fiscal year ends in less than 30 days (Oct 1 begins 2016). Calendar year ends in less than three months. Time is flying fast.PDids:  » September 3rd, 2015, 11:13 pm    What is very interesting if one goes to the Bloomberg Link and reads the full article is that the Bond Offering that was completed yesterday below was ” 4 TIMES OVER SUBSCRIBED “WOW! This is Iraq’s next door neighbor and you would as an American citizen not wish to trave […]

Anchor Baby Black Hole – Mexico Deports More Illegals than U.S.

Nearly 25million illegal aliens are in the U.S. Every deported illegal alien family saves the U.S. at least $700,000. Anchor Babies have been a tool of illegal alien women to secure U.S. citizenship for their families. At an ‘ Independence Day Ralley, in Los Angeles ‘ Aztlan Military Soldiers, ‘ shouted You Old White People It’s Your Duty to Die. Get Out, We Are the Future. You’re Old and Tired, Go On! We Have Beaten You – Leave Like Beaten Rats!

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Wealthwatch Evening Chat   9-3-15 

Post From Chat Room  9-3-15Wealthwatch Evening Chat   9-3-15   newbieDA: Iraq has 80 trillion dinars .. half frozen in the banks of the country By: Gazwan on: Thursday 03.09.2015 7:45 Iraq today / special suggested a member of the economic and investment commission in Parliament, Abdel-Salam al-Maliki, to secure large cash liquidity through the declaration of the FAO as a port: “joint-stock company sold its shares through the stock market to the ci […]

Reader Comments On “Us Dollar Will Devalue By 20% – 30%”

Reader Comments On “Us Dollar Will Devalue By 20% – 30%”  Part 1Us Dollar Will Devalue By 20% – 30%  By JC Collins Reader Comments On “Us Dollar Will Devalue By 20% – 30%”  Part 2 Orendareview    “It can be expected that the decrease in value will be in the 20% to 30% range. There are a number of reasons this will be the range. The decrease in the dollar will increase the costs of imports for Americans. This increase in import costs will be offset by the i […]

Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Late Thursday Night 9-3-15

TNT: Sarek:  Bruce intel (The Big Call) ….says he has to walk a bit of a fine line…….the RV is rolling out now, it is in that process….the IMF wants this to go this week…..The bonds are to be offered this Monday and they have to have a rate. The depegging of US dollar is a sidestep move…. He feels we are in a good place……he feels it’s very interesting that this may fall on the three day weekend….he said shabibi has always desired to do this on a 3 day weekend They are very […]

Wealthwatch Member Chat 9-3-15   Part 1 of 2

Post From Chat Room  9-3-15Wealthwatch Member Chat   9-3-15  Part 1 of 2MzDiva: Good Morning  :heart:  :heart:Stash: GMMzDiva: ‹@Stash› GmSam: GM Tom Brady has been vindicated…Judge nullified 4 game suspension if anybody is interested…Me myself I want the RV lol’Oneness: so … i don’t think 100% cash is the way to go either, at least not for me … because … the governments can simply confiscate your bank account …Oneness: Banks Can No […]

Wealthwatch Member Chat 9-3-15  Part 2 of 2

Post From Chat Room  9-3-15Wealthwatch Member Chat   9-3-15  Part 2 of 2disciple7: ‹@Oneness› so what are u saying then?Oneness: i have complete faith it will trade internationalldisciple7: ok agreed thenlonegunman: this is a reality ! I guess timing is everything lolOneness: i am saying it is just as likely the usd , and the stock market is likely to crashdisciple7: ‹@Oneness› maybe the dinar rises with a US crash…BOBBY: Oneness….. thats your op […]