Millionday News 8-31-15  Part 2 of 2

Millionday News 8/31/15  Part 2 of 2Millionday: joy pumice with the imminent general solutions on the formation of the government and the launch of its comprehensive reform at the level of the joints of the State, paint a «morning» map of the most prominent achievements on the economic front, the most prominent recent moves to subdue the investment projects of the system investment contracts payment method term and re-activated.Millionday: NOTE — THIS IS ABOUT THE ECONOMIC REFORMS AND RE […]

Millionday News 8-31-15  Part 1 of 2

Millionday News 8/31/15  Part 1 of 2Welcome to for News Time with Millionday!!Millionday: Called economist Mohammed Abdul-Zahra, on Monday, the central government for an urgent financial plan to control the stability of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar. He said Venus told / information / that “the survival of the financial situation for what it is, especially since the country live a severe financial crisis represented delay staff salaries and delays in the implement […]

Wealthwatch Late Night Chat  8-31-15

Post From Chat Room  8-31-15Wealthwatch Late Night Chat  8-31-15chattels: The government has major challenges to face in its implementation of reform measures, given the size of the problems in the state’s structure, disintegrating institutions, the confusion and inconsistency of laws and management’s instructions, and the deep-rooted corruption even in state regulatory systems,” ……….chattels: In this waiting game, which could potentially turn explosive, t […]

Thoughts from Memphis and Friends Emailed to Recaps 9-1-15

Thanks Memphis for sending this to us:Full message/chat  from Memphis at My Ladies Chat Room Mon. 8-31-15Memphis:  Years from now, when China is firmly the economic center of the world, and the powerhouse of the US is but a fading memory, people will be writing about it; and attempt to tell the story:  How Did It Happen?  We are daily seeing the answers as to the “why” and this article brought by MVL has a strong message; the “key” if you will: […]

Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Late Mon.PM/ Early Tues. AM

Early Tuesday Morning: TNT: Iko Ward:  Overnight summary…China came out of the gate with a sharp drop of 4.5″ only to end up at 1.8% loss, but the rest of Asia fell anywhere from 2.2 to 3.9%. Europe averaging 2% with Germany in the lead at -2.5%. Saudis down 2% as well, ISX dropped another quarter. US futures are down. Forex is still playing their little 3 point ping pong game. NurseGinger:  I am following the money. I’ve been following the markets and the money now for 6 years.&nbsp […]

Wealthwatch Early Evening Chat  8-31-15  Part 2 of 2

Post From Chat Room 8-31-15Wealthwatch Early Evening Chat  8-31-15  Part 2 of 2BOBBY: newbieDA…. i have a different take on this so you will have to pardon my non reactionnewbieDA: work on the National Guard, Federal Court, Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Law, and Investment lawsnewbieDA: share Bobby, pleaseBOBBY: newbieDA…… i dont think the climate is right to support a rate changenewbieDA: I agree, no need to talk about a rate change, totally agr […]