Wealthwatch News / Links & Chat  10-09-15  Part 1 of 2

Post From Wealthwatch.world Chat Room  10-09-15Wealthwatch News / Links & Chat  10-09-15  Part 1 of 2chattels: .: I.M.F. Gathers Experts to Evaluate Global Preparedness for Fiscal Crisis www.nytimes.com/2015/10/0… LINKUN Agency: Sustainable Development Requires Altering The World’s Financial System www.huffingtonpost.com/en… LINKFed awaiting evidence global chill not knocking U.S. off track www.reuters.com/article/2… .:http://www.reuters.com/article/2015 […]

Wealthwatch News / Links & Chat  10-09-15  Part 2 of 2

Post From Wealthwatch.world Chat Room  10-09-15Wealthwatch News / Links & Chat  10-09-15  Part 2 of 2disciple7: Chairman of the Integrity Committee will meet Governor of the Central Bank 07 October 0.2015 [Image: no271015.png]He met MP Talal Zobaie head of the Integrity Committee on Wednesday 7/10/2015 Governor of the Central Bank, Mr. Ali Keywords and his accompanying delegation, Bhoudoraadd of gentlemen members.He discussed the meeting, which was held at the headquarters of […]

BGG  Roundtable 10/9/2015

Bgg roundtable 10/9/2015BGG says to rcookie(1:57 PM): OK – so what is the biggest article out there today??rcookie says(1:57 PM): JABOURI MEETING WITH JAPAN & ROMANIAN AMBASSADORS CONCERNING LOANS FOR INVESTMENT & RESTRUCTURE THAT COINCIDE WITH WB & IMF LOANS…AND MASSUDS ANNOUNCEMENT OF INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE FOR IRAQS RECONSTRUCTION AWAY FROM UN MEETINGS LAST WEEK…BGG says to rcookie(2:00 PM): that is true… big find rcookie.BGG says to rcookie(2:00 PM): however, the first pa […]

More Bits and Pieces in Dinarland on a Very Quiet Friday Night

Emailed to Recaps:Amazing reading starting on the Real Silk Road, IMG, Federal Reserve, History of the Global Settlements, Secret gold Treaties, Past Presidents, Christine LeGarde, Bretton Woods. 9-11, and where all the gold is….http://newtomorrow.us/part2.htmlExcerpt:   World Global SettlementsIn an interview dated September 8th, 2012, a person by the name of Dr. Todd was brought forward on an independent radio program to discuss his take on the current state of the global financial […]

Bits and Pieces in Dinarland Friday Night 10-9-15

TNT:FoundMyCheese:  The IMF meeting in Lima is today thru October 11th. Tony gave 404 a positive clue that she was right in hoping for the best outcome for that meeting. Soooo, the new window may be from now until the 11th. The 25th could be when the general public exchanges. Just saying.Dansmore:  Okay, a few months back a guy called on one of the calls and the guy said, “I have an IRS friend and he told me there will be no Fed tax on the exchange”… TONY said, “I am still going to h […]

“Diamond Energy” Iraq require sophisticated turbines of “General Electric”

Direct: “General Electric” listed on New York Stock Exchange said that “Diamond Energy Holding” Investment Company has made ​​a request to provide them with 8 advanced gas turbines from 9F.03 model in order to complete a new 3 gigawatts power … Continue reading

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Tidbits From Frank26 and KTFA Members Friday Afternoon 10-9-15

KTFA:PappaJ:  Frankie, IS M UNDER ARREST OR NOT BREATHING??? BAD HE IS, BUT NOT A BAD POLITICIAN —– THERE ARE TOO MANY THINGS THAT HE COULD HAVE POLITICIZED BUT HAS NOT SSSSSSSSOOOOOOO WHICH IS IT????Frank26:  Your question was mine last night.SAID …….. If M is up and about then why is he not taking advantage of ruining A and DRS AMAZING ADVANCEMENTS???!!!Is he hiding?   SAID …… Not with our technology .Is he DOA?Talked about his THREE HOTEL attempt that failed … […]

Mnt.Goat Update 10-9-15: “Is the Economy the Reason fr the RV Delay?”  Part 2

Part 2:Then today also out pops this article below from Iraq, once again talking about the reasons for the down turn of the Iraqi economy, its causes and the as possible solutions. So what are problems and the solution(s) to the economic crisis?We all should know these solutions by now. I have gone over them again and again with you as I have presented article talking about the Abadi reforms. Do you now see why he is instituting these reforms and why they are needed?Let me list them once again f […]

Mnt.Goat Update 10-9-15: “Is the Economy the Reason for the RV Delay?”  Part 1

Thanks GeorgeH for sending this to us today:UU6816 –“ Is the Economy Just the Reason for the RV Delay? ” by Mnt GoatHello Everyone,Again lots of important news to report today. It is all pointing in the direction of getting these very last items corrected so Iraq can move towards completing the currency reforms / project to delete the zeros. I wanted to include a shorter than usual news letter and give you another reading break today…..lol…However once again I am giving you many g […]

Central Bank Warns On USD Speculation

Central Bank Warns On USD SpeculationVNA TUESDAY, OCTOBER 06, 2015 – 11:18:58  PRINTA customer exchanges foreign currency at a VPBank branch in Hanoi. (Photo:VNA)The State Bank of Vietnam has issued an urgent circular to curb speculation and hoarding of US dollars by enterprises.Circular No 15/2015/TT-NHNN on foreign currency transactions by credit institutions, which was issued on October 2, took effect on October 5 instead of waiting for the usual 45-day grace period following approv […]